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Education is essential. It can be the difference between a productive and fulfilling life and one that is devastated by poverty, dependence and frustration. Our support of education is always intended to support pathways that lead to self-sustainability.

Our focus is on vocational training, schools in needy areas, and core learning scholarships for orphans and vulnerable youth. We aim to help youth become proficient in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics so that they can continue to learn, understand their rights, express their ideas, protect their possessions, manage their own finances, understand and negotiate pricing and continue to learn outside the classroom. 

With our partners around the world, Global Friends identifies areas in need that have communities committed to education. Most schools are built in blocks of four classrooms. We provide funding for the structure (walls, roof, windows), school desks, teacher tools and scholarships.

We’ve witnessed the transformations that take place for those who can access education that is appropriate for their individual life circumstances. We have seen how education extends beyond the individual to reach the families and communities in which our scholars live and contribute.

Please help us bring this gift to life by donating what you can today.  

Asante sana | Thank you!

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